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I bought a crate to train my dog… he was neglected in a breeding cage, until rescued. NOW WHAT??

Hi. I asked a question earlier and had some good responses. I went to buy the crate to train the dog in which I adopted. He was neglected in a breeders care and kept in a cage exclusively. He walks in circles continuously. I put him in his cage to familiarize hiself with the idea. I put his dinner in there, he ate, than i was taking him out. When he realized were he was… he panic’d….I waited til he calmed, by sitting there and when I removed him to take him outside, his heart was going a mile a minute….. do I continue with this? Look for another means to train him? Any suggestions? I do not want to cause him anxiety or bad memories…. please help.

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How do I convince my parents to allow me a dog?

Hi, I’ve read a lot of questions about ways to convince your parents to allow you have a dog but when I read them I quickly notice a pattern of deceit and when they’re told to act mature for the pet it’s really all being put on.

Two years ago I had a 4 year old Labrador Retriever. He wasn’t really mine because my dad bought him but I would often bring him for walks etc. He died two years ago unfortunately… Afterwards (Up until now) I’ve never thought in the slightest of having a new dog.

However recently I’ve been doing my "homework" on puppies. I’ve read two books and visited many internet forums thus far. I believe I’m ready to actually care for a dog myself and even if I don’t do a great job with raising him/her, I’m sure I will in the future.

There’s a problem though as I’m afraid if I ask my parents (I’m 16) they’ll say no. Once they say no; that’s it, I won’t dare ask again… lol.

So I need help with talking to them about it… I have the finance to fund the dog (Food, dog beds, crates etc) and to buy the actual dog itself.

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I have a Petmate wire dog crate. I need replacement parts, where can I find them?

It is a Petmate Kennel Up Wire Dog crate. (Item #21067)
I already checked the Petmate website, but the only replacement part they have is the plastic tray (which I don’t need).
I need the little clasps that hold the sides together. The crate falls apart. I bought the crate out of the paper, so I don’t know if it would still be in warranty or not. I really need the clasps though, do you have any idea where I could get some?

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Where can I buy something that will close dog crate doors automatically?

Our dogs LOVE their crates and even go into them to nap when we’re all just hanging out at home. The problem is that the crate doors (they are all the same brand) only open to a 90 degree angle, meaning that if one of the furbabies opens the crate door to get out a toy or take a nap you can trip over the open door, especially at night. Have you ever seen anything like they use on full size doors that make them shut automatically for crates? I need something that isn’t SO tight that they can’t nudge the door open if they want to get in…just a slight tension to draw the door closed slowly and gently.

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what kind of items do i need for my adopted dog?!?

im adopting a small dog, between 1-4 years old. well thats what im planning on.

my parents said the dog could sleep on my bed, or on an area with blankets and stuff. im not gonna go and buy a bed, or crate. because the dog is probably trained and stuff by then. if not, then i will go buy one later.

i have:

leash, collar, food/bowls.

is nutro max a good dog food?

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IM buying a dog online and to me it sounds like a scam, any help?

This is what he said to me.

Hello,nice reading from you regarding this our adorable puppy.
She is available and waiting for a family that will adopt her and
provide her a loving, caring and forever home. She is 12 weeks old, ,
healthy,AKC registered, and current on all her medical check-ups. Health
records are available and she has a two years genetic health guarantee.She
is microchiped and dewormed.She has also been both house and potty trained.

She is very friendly, plays around with kids and other domestic
animals. She has a very good temperament. Bred and brought up in a
clean environment (family house), so she tends to meet many people.
She will be the perfect addition to your family. You will love her if you
make her part of your family.

I am giving her for free adoption to an approved home ONLY!You will take
care just for the transportation and the transfer of ownership papers
in your names which is 0 and as soon as i get the money,i will book
her a flight to your location.
Delivery will be done to your closest airport with playing toys,a
crate and all paper works.

I just relocated and unfortunately for me, the new apartment I moved
into, does not accept pets. So i have to give her out to any good
home. I have a recident permit in Los Angeles CA but i just relocated in
Lakes Island Cameroon for studies,where I am presently with her.That is why
you are going to pay just her transport fair for her to be transported over to

But before we proceed,I would love to know a little more about you
and your family.So
if you can just let me know with the answers to the questions below, i
will be grateful.

How soon do you need a puppy?
Are you morally and financially prepared for a puppy?
Who will look after the puppy when you are not around?
Do you have kids and other pets to play around with her?
Do you have a vet around you?Where she will be checked constantly?
Where are you located and any contact number please?

I hope you get me these answers sincerely and please feel free to ask
any questions about her. Some photos are attached.

Hope to read from you soonest.

(Then the last thing he said)
He told me that the airport was going to call me and confirm that the dog is going to be shipped after i payed the guy, well someone called Unkown and was talking stuff i couldnt even under stand this is what he said to that.

I dont know what happened that you did not understand what he said.I
instructed them not to deliver her untill you pay me the 0.So if
you are ready to pay already,then mail me back for my details.After
you confirm you have paid,i will inform them to do the delivery.


then i didnt reply and he sent this.

Hello,you coould pay the money via Western Union to the address below:

CITY……………………………. AKWA
STATE …………………………DOUALA
ZIP CODE………………………237

You will be asked a test question and answer and so you will use


When you are through wih the payment,mail me the money transfer
control number that is the MTCN so i could pick up the money.As soon
as i pick it up,i will get the airport informed and she will be
delivered to you.


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How can I train my dog?

Well, my dog is 1 and a half years old and whenever i leave him alone in the house he just poops and pee. Will it work if i just leave him outside? I tell him to go outside after he eats. and well i have school 7:50-3:10. I don’t think i can be with him 24/7 How can i just potty train him without buying crates and pads. I got the dog from my friend.And she said that maybe the dogs just not use to the house yet. I mean the dog is new to the house. Could it be that hes not use to it?
Then he also bites tissues and paper. He goes to the bathroom and starts pulling the paper. Wth. What can i do? Please tell me how i can potty train him and stop him from biting tissues. Thanks(:

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I bought my dog a chew bone. Will this work?

My lab is into everything. I was going to purchase him a dog crate, but they did not have one in his size, so I bought him a chew bone waiting for a crate to arrive next shipment on Monday. Will the chew rawhide keep him busy enough to keep him from chewing everything else up. He seems dis interested in his rubber goose and his other stuff, but he has been chomping on that rawhide non stop for about 30 minutes now. Will that help keep him from tearing up everything or is this a temporary fix?

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Buying a Dog, but roommate opposes.?

I already have one dog, who was a total nightmare potty training- my roommate was witness to this. I am looking into adding a second dog to my home, but wanted to get my roommates approval first. She said she wasn’t thrilled at the idea of a young dog who is not potty trained. I respect her opinion, but should I say no to the new dog solely on her wishes? We have seven months left on the lease. The dog is about 12 weeks old. She is female, so I am hoping crate training will go easier with her than my current male (who came from a shelter, the new dog is from a breeder). I would hate to pass up this opportunity to get a dog the same breed as my current one and so close to the same age. I am looking for him a female companion.

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Need to find a new dog crate/side table?

I bought a bedroom side table/dog crate 2 years ago and it is awesome. It is the perfect height for the bed but since I have moved so many times it is now falling apart. I am looking for a new one and can’t seem to find a reasonable priced one..does anyone know where I can find one that is reasonable or at least plans on how to build one? The front of mine doesn’t have a door since she isn’t locked is just her place to sleep at night…

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