Whats the best dog training collar for my neapolitan mastiff?

I am looking to get a training collar for my 7 month old Neapolitan Mastiff who has been attacking my other two dogs only in the house. I have been informed by a few breeders to get a collar to train him but there is thousands of them so need some advice on which one to pick, Hopefully under 0 dollars.

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12 Responses to “Whats the best dog training collar for my neapolitan mastiff?”

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  • Belle says:


    Check this out to help find the best collar for your dog:


  • Suzy Suxbutz-wuvs doggies 2! says:

    "A poor workman blames his tools."

  • tankstar1985 says:

    You need a trainer. he is a neo, a very big and powerful breed. They were bred for agression. so you may never get him to accept your other dogs, should have done more reaserch before buying one. at 7 months, I sure hope he is not desexed, as extra large breeds should not be done until at least 2. due to grother pattern.

  • Greek God AKA Greekman says:

    A well fitted prong collar sitting right, high and tight!! $25 at any good store or on line!!

  • creepycookie says:

    all you need is a halti ($20- 30 at a pet store) they a wonderful training aids, both my dogs showed a drastic change (for the better!) using them even for the first time. the training school i take them to recommends them for all dogs attending, and the trainers use them on their own dogs.

    as for attacking your other two dogs, is he desexed? a complete dog will be far more territorial. other than that, the obedience training will help.

  • jean says:

    Find a good dog trainer,your dog is way to big to try numerous methods,his training should have started long ago.Is he fixed? If not it may be he’s establishing he’s alpha.Find a trainer today.

  • Goldenly Addicted says:

    Get a prong collar & hire a professional trainer or bring him to OB classes. This kind of behaviour should have been corrected on the 1st time it happened but it’s never to late to correct a dog. At only 7 months, it should be quite easy to correct unlike when it’s a much older dog. It takes a little longer. You just need to be really firm with it. A big dog like that needs a firm, strong owner. Hope I helped.

    ADD: Creepy, are you crazy? A Halti(head collar) for a Neapolitan Mastiff??? You gotta be kidding me! The Halti will snap off in a wink of an eye before the owner even realizes it & the dog would have already gone after the other dog. You CANNOT train an aggressive dog, whatever size they are with a head collar. And with a dog that size & strength, no way ho zay. If you ask any professional dog behaviorists or trainers about training an aggressive dog, none will recommend those kind of collars. Not even a soft collar. The prong or the choke collar does the job well & does it best combining with the right training technique ofcourse…

    Here’s a pic of a N.Mastiff if you don’t know what dog this is:

    Here read this & learn. It’s very interesting:

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